Pete Wheeler Series

International New Zealand artist, Pete Wheeler. Get to know Pete Wheeler on a deeper level when reading his series with York Gallery NZ. German based NZ artist is renowned internationally for his art pieces, making appearances at Art Basel, and many other internationally recognized shows/displays. These 10 questions will enhance your knowledge on Pete as an artist and an individual.

What inspires you?

Inspiration tends to come from the physical act of applying paint to a surface.

What are you currently working on?

 Small scale paintings on canvas and paper, due to the lockdown my studio has shrunk from 120sq/m to a 10sq/m garden shed. Working small as always been something I have neglected, so now is a good time to get good at it!

How did you first get into the art world?

By making paintings( consistently), exhibiting and selling. I went to art school and studied to Masters level too, but I don't think that means a whole lot in terms of art world initiation.

Do you use oil or acrylic and why?

I use oil, mainly because of its viscosity value. But I also use a variety of other mediums, spray paint, pigment, oil stick,photo emulsion, charcoal etc...

What risks have you taken to get where you are now?
Raising three kids and living the past 12 years in Berlin Germany.
Have you been influenced by any other artists?
Most certainly! being influenced by others is unavoidable.

How would you describe your style & process?

Work hard each day and just maybe i"ll make a good painting!!!!

When you aren't painting, do you miss it?
Like a fat kid misses cake.
What is your favourite motif within your past works ?
I like all my motifs, whether they turn out successful in a painting or not
they are all integral to my painting narrative.
When did you find your chosen style of artwork? 
I'm probably still searching!
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