Isabella Young Series

Isabella Young is a well known New Zealand artist.. get to know her on a new level by reading her series with York Gallery NZ. 10 questions will enhance your knowledge on her as an artist and an individual.

What inspires you? 

Much of my inspiration stems from experiences within nature; the vastness, the beauty, the unpredictability and spontaneity. A deep fascination centers around the clouds, sky, ocean and the atmospheric processes between.

What are you currently working on? 

I’m currently working on an expansion of my To Weather series that was exhibited at Whitecliffe as my grad show in November. I’m studying my masters’ this year, grateful to be working from my home studio and open garden space. Alongside some recent cyanotype works, I'm working on a series of 1 metre tall rainfall paintings.

How did you first get into the art world? 

Art has always come as a natural expression for me, I’ve been painting, drawing and creating ever since I can remember. I’ve always loved visiting galleries, attending creative classes of drawing, painting, musical theory and dance. Continuing to study and engage with the wider art community has been an awesome journey that I’m excited about.

Do you use oil or acrylic and why? 

Acrylic and water based mediums are my chosen media, I love the colour range and flow they create. Endless tones and layers of deep blues, light greys and iridescent whites especially. In recent works I’ve utilised reduced toxicity mediums that are conscious consideration of environmental wellbeing.

What age did you start painting, have you always known you wanted to be an artist ?

I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember, creating as early as I could hold a paintbrush. It’s felt very natural to consciously continue doing so, which is something I'm grateful for. My mum has a cute book of my early paintings and drawings, which range from abstract looking works to sketches of trees, animals and scenes I would’ve been surrounded by.

Have you been influenced by any other artists? 

Claude Monet, Jackson Pollock and Yayoi Kusama have been early influences for me; the elements of abstraction within their work have challenged the way that I understand and view the abstraction of a subject, especially of nature. Monet’s impressionist paintings, Pollock’s abstract gestures and Kusama’s large scale infinity nets... 

Which art school did you attend, was it a good experience? 

Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, I’ve continued studying Fine Arts from my bachelor’s until my masters at present. I love it here; the staff, the students and environment that we create within. Everyone is very supportive and dynamic in their way of being, it’s been a great experience.

When you aren't painting, do you miss it?

Most definitely. When I’m not painting, I'll most likely be thinking about, planning, gathering inspiration, spending time outside or researching; an infinite process.

What is your favourite motif within your past works ? 

Weather focused subject matter 🌨 cloud formations, rainfall and elements of water provide a deep fascination for me

When did you find your chosen style of artwork?

It’s developed throughout the years and manifested into the work I'm creating now. Towards the middle - end of art school, I became very excited about the work I was making; the immersive painting process, the aesthetic details, the subjects and atmospheric context I was venturing into. 

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